Free copy of "Symmetric Cycles" book

  • Hello mybasstalk,

    This week we will be giving away a FREE copy of the book "Symmetric Cycles" by Bob Crawford.
    Bob Crawford's "Symmetric Cycles" offers new ways of stretching the melodic and harmonic boundaries of Modal Jazz, Blues, Pentatonic Rock, Latin (Montunos, etc.) Reggae, World Music, etc., creating sound colors that will open your ears in ways you may not have experienced before. It also is extremely useful compositionally in all musical genres--connecting chords in very unique ways, adding emotional sound colors to original musical works. This book will definitely take your music to the next level. A must read for any serious musician looking to explore new horizons."
    How can you win? 
    All you have to do is invite your hotmail, yahoo, gmail & aol friends to join At the end of next Monday October 3rd, the member who recruited the most members would receive a FREE copy signed by Mr. Crawford. Start inviting now for a chance to win!